“Some people pray, I turn up the radio”

Music as been a part of me for most of my life. My dad told me he used to put me to sleep by playing some old cd’s because that was the only way I would stay quiet, so I understand why I feel that music is such an important factor in my happiness.

Even though I can’t sing (and I sure love to do it), listening to records and cd’s and playing guitar are things I’ve been doing since I can remember! This summer I got the opportunity to go to one of Portugal’s biggest music festivals: NOS Alive. I got to see some of my all time favourite bands, such as Arctic Monkeys, Bastille and the 1975, as well as some new ones that I really started to like.

Here are some snaps I took (with my iPod) of the concerts:


During the Bastille concert everyone put up their hands in the shape of a triangle, and I was able to capture this really cool picture. It was one of the most beautiful and emotional shows I’ve ever seen.

This was “the 1975” show. It wasn’t in the main stage, but it was crowded as hell! I was only able to see the screen but I managed to take a picture of Matt Healy, the lead singer. 


Finally, this was my most awaited concert of them all: Arctic Monkeys. For years and years now I’ve been a super fan of this band, I love all of their songs (new ones and old ones) and this show was way above my expectations! It was one of the best concerts I’ve ever seen, so much atmosphere and entertainment.

 (Please note these were all taken with my iPod camera)

Because I was going to the 3 full days of the festival, I needed some place to stay in Lisbon, so I bought the camping pass that the organization provided. Me and my friends all stayed together at the park “Lisboa Camping” which was relatively near of the venue, and the best camping I’ve ever been to. It had so many trees everywhere, a gigantic pool, a snack-bar, a restaurant… Everything! The only thing that wasn’t that great was that the place was fully booked, so there were many people all the time, which made it difficult to shower and charge our phones. Anyway, we managed to do it and I had one of the best times of my life.

Here’s a picture of the pool. It was so sunny all the time so we really got to enjoy the sun and the water.


Finishing off, all I have left to say to everyone who wants to try it is: Do it! It’s such a memorable and fun experience, even more if you share it with a group of your close friends.